Things to do after installing Ubuntu 13.04

Ubuntu 10.04

  • From Software Sources:
    1. select “Other Software”;
    2. check “Canonical Partners”;
  • install squid-deb-proxy-client to auto-discover caching-enabled machines in the local network by running::
    sudo apt-get install squid-deb-proxy-client -y
  • install some basic software by running in a terminal:
    sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install vim eclipse-platform 
    openjdk-7-jdk meld chromium-browser skype gimp inkscape 
    gstreamer1.0-plugins-ugly gstreamer1.0-libav gstreamer1.0-plugins-bad 
    rar p7zip-full ttf-mscorefonts-installer flashplugin-installer keepass2 
    python-launchpadlib python-apport gparted gpicview -y
  • Follow the Eclipse basic configuration and fixes;
  • remove unused applications:
    sudo apt-get --purge remove modemmanager thunderbird
  • install Dropbox (do not use nautilus-dropbox from Ubuntu Software Center because of this bug. If you have installed that accidentally, make sure you have uninstalled it and wiped out your ~/.dropbox directory before installing the version from their web site). If you are upgrading from previous versions of Ubuntu then uninstall first the client by running:
    rm -rf ~/.dropbox-dist
    sudo rm -rf /var/lib/dropbox/.dropbox-dist

    then to install the latest version run:

    dropbox start -i
  • to fix the broken/corrupted flash problem install the Flash-Aid add-on for Firefox (Feb 2018 update: as Firefox is discontinuing add-ons from version 57, you can find an alternative of this add-on as WebExtension at and reboot for the change to take effect;
  • set up the fastest mirror by editing your /etc/apt/sources.list. The geographical location does not always give the best mirror: in order to choose the best mirror it is recommended to know your local internet network topology;
  • edit your .bashrc and change “alias ll=’ls -alF'” to “alias ll=’ls -lF'”;
  • Nautilus, Edit / Preferences / Default View = List View
  • to keep recent files from appearing in Unity: click on Privacy in the System Settings and disable Record Activity
  • to fix this bugaffecting LibreOffice run:
    sudo add-apt-repository ppa:om26er/unity
    sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade

    and then reboot;

  • gedit Text Editor, Edit / Preferences:
    • check display right margin;
    • check highlight current line;
    • check highlight matching brackets;
    • uncheck create a backup copy of files before saving;
    • increase font size;
    • plugins, check Change Case and Sort;
  • Image Viewer, Edit / Preferences
    • Slideshow
      • uncheck “Expand images to fit screen”;
      • uncheck “Loop sequence”;
    • Plugins
      • check “Date in statusbar”;
  • set Libreoffice to use the metric system by default: open LibreOffice Writer and go to Tools / Options / LibreOffice Writer / General and set the measurement unit from the drop down menu called Measurement Unit. Do the same for each LibreOffice application;
  • set your search domains:
    1. with a DHCP server, edit your /etc/dhcp/dhclient.conf and add a line like the following for each of the domains you want to use:
      prepend domain-name "";
    2. with a static IP, edit your /etc/resolv.conf and add a line like the following for each of the domains you want to use:
  • to rename and automount your NTFS partition:
    1. make required no folders in /mnt
      sudo mkdir /mnt/win
    2. check your partition list using
      sudo fdisk -l
    3. open /etc/fstab by running:
      sudo gedit /etc/fstab
    4. add entries in the following manner
      /dev/sdb1 /mnt/large ntfs user 0 0
    5. to make it appear in Nautilus open the directory by clicking on File System on the left menu, go into /mnt/win, from the top menu “Bookmarks” select “Add bookmark”.

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