Globus Toolkit 5.2 released

Globus Toolkit 5.2 promises to greatly enhance the ability to install, setup and update the GT client and service components. This has been achieved by providing binary native packages Red Hat, Fedora, Debian, Ubuntu, Scientific Linux, and CentOS. Globus developers will maintain a Globus repository containing all packages. GT 5.2 includes the latest versions of […]

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Globus Toolkit 4.0.x troubleshooting

Disclosure: this troubleshooting is intended for legacy applications which mandatory need the version 4.0.x of Globus Toolkit. If you don’t have an impelling reason to install that particular version, it is highly recommended that you install the latest version available of Globus Toolkit from its official web site and follow the installation guide of the […]

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Globus Toolkit 5.2 beta released

The 5.2 release is protocol and source compatible with Globus Toolkit 5.0. Major Changes between 5.0 and 5.2: Native packaging for linux distributions based on RPM and Debian package managers The concept of “flavors” of Globus libraries has been obsoleted Elimination of the compile-time distinction between threaded and non-threaded builds. All libraries are built to […]

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Globus Toolkit 5.0.3 released

Highlights of this release include: GridFTP Added new command: Data Channel Security Context (DCSC) Useful for 3rd party transfers between GridFTP servers that use different CA certificates Added gridftp server chrooting Allows admin to limit the directories a gridftp server can access Added command strings for ‘-disable-command-list’ option for gridftp server configuration Added Progress markers […]

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Globus Online is Live!

The cloud-hosted, secure file transfer service, is now available for general use. Globus Online enables researchers and other end users to move and synchronize files reliably between multiple locations without configuring servers or installing complex software. Details are available here and here (from Ian Foster’s blog).

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